That Thing On Your Head

It’s one of those days where I feel like my job title is “Everyone’s Bitch”. Can you bike this to the agent asap please? Can you run down to reception and collect my author? Can you get me these sales figures? Can you staple these papers for me? Can you courier these books to Australia […]

Small Room, Big Blessing

Another day, another hour spent getting lost around this huge building. “I sit upstairs on the left side.” Great, thanks for those precise instructions Sally from HR, really helpful. I don’t even know what Sally looks like and nobody really wears their ID badges – which is probably a good thing. I don’t want think […]

Racist Cupboard

“Suraya, we need to talk,” Jessie says one cold – way too early – morning. “What’s up?” I ask. She looks a bit stressed as she crouches down by my desk. “We’ve got an author coming in, it’s a bit late notice but we have four days so that’s fine. Now, I need to brief […]