Not Even Water?

The blessed month of Ramadan is upon us and I’m feeling good. There’s a calmness in the air I only feel when it’s this time of year. This month is about disconnecting from the world and reconnecting with God. I will be nice and patient to everyone around me and try to just be less […]

Do You Shower With That On?

  How many post-it notes does it take to make a paper aeroplane that actually flies? Ten, apparently. “Nice scarf, Suraya,” Bree says as she passes me. “I love that colour on you.” “Aw, thanks!” I say, a bit surprised.¬†Would you believe I debated a full fifteen minutes of whether or not to wear a […]

No New Friends

“Where has my stapler gone?” Lily demands. Everyone looks over at her. “‘Fess up, somebody took my stapler.” “You can borrow mine?” Kay offers. “Well, the whole point of having my own one is that I don’t have to borrow anyone else’s.” “Dude, it’s a stapler,” I say. “Get another one from the stationery room.” […]

One of Them

I will not be defeated by the printers, I will not be defeated by the printers, I will not!!! Bloody thing won’t print out the A3 spreads of one of Kathryn’s new illustrated books. SENT TO PRINTER, MY ASS. “Ugh!” I let out a frustrated growl, manically pressing random buttons, hoping the document I need […]

New Year New M- Nah, Me Neither

On the first day back to work in the new year public transport gave to me, four crying children, three delayed departures, two armpits in my face and a carriage full of misery. Everybody on the trains this morning looks incredibly trashed. I didn’t even have time to put make-up on – slept through all […]

The Office Christmas Party

To go or not to go to the Christmas party? Apparently it’s not even a question. “You’re coming to the Christmas party, right?” Kathryn asks at our catch-up. “Ummmm. . .” “Oh, you have to come!” Kathryn says. “It’s so much fun; you’ll love it!” Fun? Enjoy? Me? What sociable impression have I been giving […]

Lunchtime Laments

At lunch, the strangest thing happens: I bump into my uni friend who is coming into the building just as I’m heading out to get some air. “Hana?” I am gawping. I blink a few times. Is this a vision? Another brown person in the office? (To be fair, these past few months I’ve been […]