New Year New M- Nah, Me Neither

On the first day back to work in the new year public transport gave to me, four crying children, three delayed departures, two armpits in my face and a carriage full of misery. Everybody on the trains this morning looks incredibly trashed. I didn’t even have time to put make-up on – slept through all […]

The Office Christmas Party

To go or not to go to the Christmas party? Apparently it’s not even a question. “You’re coming to the Christmas party, right?” Kathryn asks at our catch-up. “Ummmm. . .” “Oh, you have to come!” Kathryn says. “It’s so much fun; you’ll love it!” Fun? Enjoy? Me? What sociable impression have I been giving […]

Lunchtime Laments

At lunch, the strangest thing happens: I bump into my uni friend who is coming into the building just as I’m heading out to get some air. “Hana?” I am gawping. I blink a few times. Is this a vision? Another brown person in the office? (To be fair, these past few months I’ve been […]

That Thing On Your Head

It’s one of those days where I feel like my job title is “Everyone’s Bitch”. I just want to sleep. Today has just been so hectic. My bed is just so far away from me right now. When it’s time to leave, I shoot out of the office before I’m asked to print out another […]

Small Room, Big Blessing

Another day, another hour spent getting lost around this huge building. “I sit upstairs on the left side.” Great, thanks for those precise instructions Sally from HR, really helpful. I don’t even know what Sally looks like and nobody really wears their ID badges – which is probably a good thing. I don’t want think […]