One of Them

I will not be defeated by the printers, I will not be defeated by the printers, I will not!!! Bloody thing won’t print out the A3 spreads of one of Kathryn’s new illustrated books. SENT TO PRINTER, MY ASS. “Ugh!” I let out a frustrated growl, manically pressing random buttons, hoping the document I need […]

New Year New M- Nah, Me Neither

On the first day back to work in the new year public transport gave to me, four crying children, three delayed departures, two armpits in my face and a carriage full of misery. Everybody on the trains this morning looks incredibly trashed. I didn’t even have time to put make-up on – slept through all […]

The Office Christmas Party

To go or not to go to the Christmas party? Apparently it’s not even a question. “You’re coming to the Christmas party, right?” Kathryn asks at our catch-up. “Ummmm. . .” “Oh, you have to come!” Kathryn says. “It’s so much fun; you’ll love it!” Fun? Enjoy? Me? What sociable impression have I been giving […]

Lunchtime Laments

At lunch, the strangest thing happens: I bump into my uni friend who is coming into the building just as I’m heading out to get some air. “Hana?” I am gawping. I blink a few times. Is this a vision? Another brown person in the office? (To be fair, these past few months I’ve been […]

That Thing On Your Head

It’s one of those days where I feel like my job title is “Everyone’s Bitch”. I just want to sleep. Today has just been so hectic. My bed is just so far away from me right now. When it’s time to leave, I shoot out of the office before I’m asked to print out another […]